What is Truth House all about?

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Truth House is a co-op; when you move into the house you literally become one of its co-owners. Traditionally, Truth has been home to a diverse group of people - both graduate and undergraduate students from every corner of the globe.

Living at Truth feels a lot like being part of a large family. There is always something going on: people hanging out in the dining room, a pool game in the living room, or a movie screening. But nobody will disturb you if you need to study: the rooms are quiet, and the study lounge downstairs has couches, several computers, and a laser printer for you to use.

Of course, as in any family, there is some work to be done, and "Truthies" tackle that work together. Everybody pitches in a couple of hours a week to keep things running smoothly. That way, you can always expect a hearty dinner to be served, dishes to be washed, and floors to be cleaned. Because there is no landlord, the house fees are substantially lower than those of private apartments. Plus, you get a lot of perks: all the food you can eat, cable, high-speed internet... and 51 great friends, of course!

The ICC, the organization that unites all the co-ops around the University of Michigan, has two pages (here and here) that outline some of the amenities that Truth features. Recently, we've added a few more items to that list:

  • 4 brand-new washers and dryers
  • a great sound system for the dining room
  • 2 HP computers with LCD monitors (in addition to the Macs that we already have)

  • As you can see, a great place to live is getting even better! If you'd like to know more, email us at truthhousecoop@gmail.com, or give us a call at 734-998-0712. If you are coming over, you might need directions.